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Profit Split



About Prop Firm

Situated in the United Arab Emirates, Funding Traders is a budding firm with less than a year's presence, and is led by CEO Stan. The firm chooses MT5 for their platform and has partnered with FXCH as their broker. With account sizes ranging from $10,000 to $300,000, Funding Traders targets a wide spectrum of traders. The firm's structured evaluation framework consists of Step 1 and Step 2 challenges. Funding Traders sets profit targets of 10% for the 1-step evaluation and 10% for Phase 1 and 5% for Phase 2 in the 2-step evaluation. The maximum total drawdown ranges from 5% to 10% across challenges. The inclusion of a wide array of trading instruments such as FX, Crypto, Stocks, Indices, and Metals enables Funding Traders to offer opportunities for traders to engage in diverse market scenarios. FX trading is provisioned with up to 1:100 leverage in both the 1-step and 2-step evaluations, Indices and Gold trading are available at a leverage of up to 1:50, and Crypto is offered with a leverage of up to 1:5.


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